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FlexeGRAPH’s participation in Startup Autobahn Expo Day

Startup Autobahn is Europe’s largest innovation platform bringing together startups with large German corporates to accelerate technology uptake through an ambitious 100 day program. This was an amazing entry point for FlexeGRAPH to connect with European automotive makers as well as their suppliers.
Coming from Australia, it has been vitally important that we think global and the Startup Autobahn opportunity allowed us to establish pilot projects with BASF and Daimler. Furthermore, we have started discussions with numerous tier 1 suppliers and investors. This program has been overwhelmingly positive for our company and the future possibilities are string.
The program culminated with an Expo Day in Stuttgart where together with the 32 other startups, were able to present our technology and business to more than 1000 attendees from across the industry in Europe. This gave us tremendous exposure and catalyzed a number of new collaborative opportunities (we will announce soon so stay tuned).
A big thanks to the FlexeGRAPH team, to everyone at Startup Autobahn and Plugandplay, and the on-going support from Austrade. This provided some excellent outcomes for us as we cool the electrified future.