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FlexeGRAPH opens UK Branch

On the 17th of January 2019, FlexeGRAPH (Flex-G Pty Ltd) was officially registered as a UK Establishment. Opening of the UK office will bring us closer to motor sports and high-performance vehicle makers, high-performance engineering, and world leading research and development in Graphene.

Heading up the UK organisation will be Marc Priestley – Director of Motorsports & High-Performance Engineering. Marc – formerly an engineer for McLaren Formula 1, and now a leading expert commentator and a leading influencer in motorsport and automobile technology. We believe that Marc brings the knowledge and network required to succeed in Motorsport and High-Performance Engineering.

FlexeGRAPH’s UK base is located within Manchester Science Park (MSP) https://mspl.co.uk/,  a community of scientist, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs. This environment will support FlexeGRAPH’s on its journey towards “Cooling the Electrified Future”. MSP forms an integral part of Graphene City, the vision of Manchester to create a knowledge-based economy around Graphene and 2D Materials. Access to the knowledge of over 200 scientists research in Graphene related projects and the resources of Graphene City is why FlexeGRAPH chase Manchester as its UK base. The infrastructure in Manchester include:

  • National Graphene Institute https://www.graphene.manchester.ac.uk/about/ngi/
  • Graphene Engineering Innovation Institute https://www.graphene.manchester.ac.uk/about/geic/
  • Sir Henry Royce Institute for Materials Research & Innovation https://www.graphene.manchester.ac.uk/about/henry-royce-institute/