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FlexeGRAPH Joins Synerleap

FlexeGRAPH has taken another important step forward by joining the SynerLeap program, powered by ABB. SynerLeap is ABB’s innovation growth hub for startups with its main office located in the heart of the ABB Corporate Research Center in Västerås Sweden. SynerLeap started with a focus on Sweden, expanded to the Nordics and is now also open to companies from around the world as part of our Virtual SynerLeap. FlexeGRAPH is privileged to be the first Australian start-up invited to join the program.
The purpose is to create an ecosystem where ABB can utilize and enable small technology companies to grow and expand on a global market in three key areas: industrial digitalization, robotics and energy. FlexeGRAPH will develop collaborative projects with ABB business units based on their unique nanofluid technology with an initial focus on enhanced cooling in HVDC, charging infrastructure and energy storage.
CTO of FlexeGRAPH Shannon Notley said “Joining SynerLeap is a tremendous privilege for FlexeGRAPH enabling us to work with the key R&D teams in the ABB’s business units and corporate research to push our nanofluid coolant technology into new and exciting areas within a strong collaborative framework. Being embedded within the ABB development ecosystem through SynerLeap will provide increased exposure of our technology throughout the organization spurring strengthened relationships.”