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FlexeGRAPH joins Startup Autobahn

FlexeGRAPH has been selected to be part of Europe’s largest innovation platform, Startup Autobahn. Startup Autobahn brings together startups and corporate partners to fast track innovative technology in pilot projects delivered after 100 days.
FlexeGRAPH founder Shannon Notley said “We are very excited to be the first team from Australia to be part of this program based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our pilot partners in the automotive and chemicals sector are well placed to help us achieve the goals of validating our advanced coolant technology. The major focus will be on advancing our formulations for electric vehicle¬†cooling so that batteries can be charged faster and have reduced capacity losses with time.”
This 100 day program will culminate on February 26, 2018 with an Expo Day at Arena 2036 in Stuttgart.