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FlexeGRAPH establishes European Subsidiary

FlexeGRAPH is pleased to announce that it has established a subsidiary based in Stockholm, Sweden. This is an important step in the evolution of the business to provide a presence in our largest target market of Western Europe for our nanomaterial enhanced liquid coolant technology. Furthermore, it consolidates a number of existing and new relationships on both the R&D side as well as potential customers based in Sweden and the rest of Europe.
Sweden has a long tradition in innovation and strong chemicals and manufacturing industries. In addition to this, Sweden is also at the forefront in R&D associated with graphene and nanomaterials through the EU funded Graphene Flagship and through additional support from the Swedish state. FlexeGRAPH AB looks forward to contributing and helping to grow this ecosystem by driving forward its advanced coolants for applications in electric vehicles, energy storage, geothermal heating and high performance computing.