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Our Vision: To be the ‘Intel Inside” of cooling fluids for mechanical systems.

Flexegraph was established in 2015 and is a technology spin-out from the Australian National University of Canberra, Australia.

On evaluating the unique properties of Graphene, founder Shannon Notley focussed in on the thermal carrying capacity of this new “wonder material”. Graphene is 10,000 times more conductive of heat than water, so it goes to reason that a very small particle load in fluid can significantly improve the thermal capacity of that fluid… and the idea behind Flexegraph was born.

However dilution in fluid had been tried unsuccessfully in the past with clumping and sedimentation an issue. Flexegraph has solved these problems and holds patents covering both the method for material suspension and methods allowing production at scale. The incumbent cooling fluid (Alcohol based) technology is mostly based on a 100 year old concept. With Flexegraph, we are seeing a 30-80% improvement in thermal carrying capacity over these older type of cooling fluids.

The Flexegraph product is a Graphene based, nano particle solution and can be used for cooling and heat transfer applications. The potential applications for our our product vary greatly with interest across many industries. However, our core focus can be put into (but certainly not limited to) two key areas;

1. EVs, batteries and charging infrastructure.

2. Cooling for Electrical systems where heat is a performance limitation, from high powered HVDC systems to liquid cooled computing for the future of Data Centers, 5G and edge computing.

The founding team has extensive experience in developing and formulating these advanced fluids, with R&D into new fluid chemistries an ongoing priority. Flexegraph is a proud member of ABB’s Synerleap program, with head office in Canberra Australia, and branch offices in Sweden and the UK.